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The HOME Stretch!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.42.36 PM

Destination, Bremerton Marina.  It will take a while to even get there but at least they’ll have things to look at!

June 22nd

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.40.09 AM

Day 18 Current position 48 10N 130 05W COG 066M SOG 6.8Kts Wind NNW 15Kts 24 hour run 122miles 211 miles to SJDF The most difficult time of any long passage for me is the last three days. The culmination of living on a 53 foot boat, lack of sleep and physical/mental fatigue reach a […]

June 21st Fleet Screen Shot

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.53.47 AM

An more complete look see…gettin’ closer and closer!  Several boats will be heading to Sitka, AK, some to BC, others to Seattle.

June 20th

The location of some of the boats near Libby

June 19th 20th Current position 47 32N 137 05W COG 060M SOG6.5 Wind SSW 15Kts 48 Hour run 252nm 498 Miles to go to SJDF (Straits of Juan de Fuca) A Full moon on Midsummers Day. We have finally punched through the last High (hopefully) between Libby and Vancouver Island, and we have Wind! Libby’s […]

June 18th

Day 13 and 14 Current Position 46 32N 141 47W COG 040M SOG 5.8Knots Wind 15.5Kts SE 24 hour run day 13 161 nm 24 hour run day 14 172nm 699 Miles to SJDF (Straits of Juan de Fuca) Total miles sailed on this passage 1969Nm Today the heavens cleared and gave us a spectacular […]

June 16th

June 16th Day 12 Current position 43 49W 149 40W COG052M SOG5.9 24 hour run 152nm Today the fishing season opens in the UK! (If it hasn’t changed since I was a child) How do I know this? As a child growing up in London, one of my greatest passions was to escape to the […]

June 15th

Day 11 Current position 43 16N 151 39W COG 058M SOG 7.7Kts Wind WNW 12.5Kts A SS <1m 24 hours distance (noon to noon) 146 miles An un-special day! No radio contact, no other ships seen, no birds, fish or any other signs of life other than Libby charging across the ocean with her nose […]

June 14th

Day 10 Current position 41 30N 155 40W COG 036M BS6.1Kts Wind 8.2 SW 24 hour distance 121 miles A special story. I am in awe of what I am about to share. We are one of 16 boats currently en-route from Hawaii to Alaska, BC and Washington State. We have a daily SSB (Marine […]

Thoughts from home…

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.18.41 AM

Yachts in Transit is a cool site where cruisers can sign up, post blogs, and link there on board satellite trackers to so family and friends can keep tabs on various vessels and their progress.  There are literally hundreds, maybe a thousand, vessels being tracked right now world wide and I found it amusing that […]

More day 9

June 13th Day 9 During my current evening shift 20:00 – 22:00 I opened the cockpit and reached out to look at the ocean…curiosity…were the Portuguese Man O war still around? Looks like something has changed. What prompted this chain of thoughts and actions was my stint in the Engine room 2 hours ago checking […]

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